We Are Hiring! – Property Agent/ Project Marketer


财富就是支持一个人生存多长时间的能力,或者说: 如果我今天停止工作,我还能活多久?
请联系 >> 012-669 2726 << 了解详情。

  • Time freedom 时间自由
  • Low threshold, do not need highly educated 低门槛, 不须高学历
  • High commission 高佣金


少于RM100千的产业一律最低收费 RM3,000;
公寓常见的价位 RM400,000,佣金大概 RM8,000-RM12,000;
服务式公寓常见价位 RM800,000,佣金大概 RM16,000-RM24,000;
吉隆玻中心的高级公寓保守价位RM1,500,000,佣金大概 RM30,000 – RM45,000;)

请联系 >> 012-669 2726 << 了解详情。

Job Scope:

  • To market new projects or subsales property
  • To introduce or propose investment opportunities to clients
  • To consult and assist clients for the process of selling or purchasing

We are providing 我们提供:

  • Crash Course for Beginner and Advance Member 入门速成班、重点训练班
  • On Job Training (One-to-One) 在职培训,case to case basis的一对一教导
  • Working Space 舒适的工作空间,不必自己一个人在外面茫然地闯荡
  • Incentive Programs 激励课程
  • Master Listing


  • No experience needed 不须经验
  • Need own transport 需自备交通
  • Own self-discipline 懂得自律

** 10 Full-Time and Part-Time position(s) available.

Mainly based at KL/ Selangor/ Seremban or surrounding area; Welcome to contact us for further discussion if you are staying outside of these area.

Welcome to call in for more details:

wong cm (+6012-669 2726)
Senior Negotiator
GS Realty Sdn Bhd