Why Not To Choose High Density Condominium?


When populations are concentrated, traffic congestion is a given. Public transportation and walkability of neighborhoods becomes increasingly important as traffic snarls and parking hassles grow. The traditional model of developers being required to provide a set number of parking spaces per anticipated user encourages more cars on the road, leading to more traffic issues.



Builders naturally want to make the most profit out of each development. That tends to mean that high-dollar housing in city centers crowd out affordably priced housing, driving out long-time residents, families and smaller businesses.


Potential Reduction of Outdoor Spaces

Amenities like parks and other green spaces don’t in themselves provide income to developers, and must be planned in high density developments to provide improved quality of life for would-be residents.


Unstable Community

Residents of affordable housing will move too often to be stable community. Owners tend to live in a community longer than a renter would.


Noise Problem

Possible lack of privacy and noise problems may arise.


Overcrowd Schools

Increase of people will overcrowd schools unless the community that move to high density has few children or none at all.

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